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At Tampa Tax Experts we offer our clients a full range of tax preparation and accounting services with strategies that minimize your tax liabilities, maximize your cash flow, and keep you on track to your financial goals.

We have developed a unique system that makes it quick and easy to file your taxes. Whether you live overseas, or simply prefer to work with a tax professional remotely, you will find our services are the right fit.

We provide the same level of service online that you would receive sitting in our office and utilize the most secure methods in transmitting your private information.

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Why Choose Tampa Tax Experts

At Tampa Tax Experts, we are open year-round for all your tax preparation and business needs. We are passionate about taking the time to educate our clients about new effective tax laws and updates for the current filing season. We take pride in sitting one-on-one with our clients to determine ways to legally maximize their tax refund and/or find ways to legally minimize their tax liabilities. We make it our obligation to ensure our clients thoroughly understand how we have arrived at our end computations for their refund. Each client that opts-in, is protected with our audit protection service. This service remains active for up to three years after filing. Audit protection allows us to provide audit assistance in case of a random IRS audits.

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